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School of Chinese Opera Presents: Gongs and Drums

02 July 2021 Category : Chinese Opera



The School of Chinese Opera of the Academy will present Gongs and Drums from July 2 to 3 at the Academy Drama Theatre. Part of the inaugural School of Chinese Opera Festival, Gongs and Drums will take on a new presentation this year. In addition to a Cantonese opera excerpt performance, the programme will also include a musical performance and an operatic singing repertoire. The production celebrates the efforts of Chinese Opera students from the Music and the Performance streams, as well as the production team comprising faculty members and students from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts. 


Played by students from the Music stream, the Chinese music performance will include several famous pieces, including Thunder in the Drought, Battling the Typhoon, A Moonlit Night on the Spring River, The Galloping Battle Horses, and Golden Snake Dance. The Cantonese operatic song performance Three Glimpses of the Princess is about the romantic and affectionate story of Feng Jiajin, the son of the minister, who learns that the royal girl Liu Jinding is unwell and pretends to be a doctor to visit the princess. The singing performance is followed by “Farewell” from Island of Farewell, which is about the Yuan army’s invasion of the south in the late Song Dynasty. Zhang Da, the former leader of Chaozhou, was demoted because of the emperor's mediocrity, and assisted Aunt Xu as an ordinary citizen in military affairs together with his wife Chen Biniang. Later, upon receiving the imperial mission, Zhang Da was urged to lead the rebel army. With the strong support of folks around, Zhang Da led the army to fight back, dedicating himself to his country. Hong Kong Cantonese opera star Ms. Wan Fai-yin MH will be the Guest Director of the play.  



Gongs and Drums

Performance in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles

Chinese Music:
Thunder in the Drought
Battling the Typhoon
A Moonlit Night on the Spring River
The Galloping Battle Horses
Golden Snake Dance

Music Director: Chan King-tsun

Cantonese operatic song — Three Glimpses of the Princess
Vocal Coach: Mach Tuy Nghia
Movement Coach: Hong Hai

“Farewell” from Island of Farewell 
Guest Director: Wan Fai-yin MH (Visiting Artist)
Rehearsal Director: April Chow, Liu Li

Main Cast: Chen Jingru, Cheng Nga-lui, Deng Haipeng, Guo Shangkun, Ho Cheuk-ying, Ho Ka-yi, Angel Leung Sum-yee, Liang Zhenwen, Luo Yan, Zhou Leer

Set Designer: Li Pei-yee

Lighting Designer: Ivy Wong

Sound Designer: Essky Yik

Production Manager: Rica Chan Nga-wun

Date: 2-3.7.2021, 7:30pm

Venue: Academy Drama Theatre

Ticketing: $45-$90

School of Chinese Opera Festival
Date: July 2 – 11 2021
Venue: HKAPA and online 
Most programmes are free admission, by registration




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