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Please fill in and submit the form to become a member of Academy Alumni Association. For general enquiry, please contact Development Office on 2584 8729. For student record enquiry, please contact Registry on 2584 8743.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Any graduate of the Academy who has completed a full-time programme of study and holds an academic qualification awarded by the Academy is eligible to become a full member of the Academy Alumni Association.
  • Current students of the Academy are not encouraged to register for the Talent Search services. A student must seek approval from the School or Department concerned prior to undertaking any paid or unpaid work, either on a full-time or part-time basis, including professional engagements in performing arts, theatre technical arts or film and television which are related to his/her studies at the Academy.
  • Please note that personal data submitted will be used by both the Academy and the Alumni Association for related purposes.
  • Student ID numbers, HKID numbers/Travel Document Numbers, email addresses, contact telephone and home address details are required for purposes of identification only during the registration process and will not be published on the internet.
  • Information relating to qualifications, skills, working experience and photographs provided by alumni who have subscribed to the Talent Search System may be viewed by any person who successfully registers as an employer.
  • The Academy is not responsible for any third party misuse of the system. The Academy shall not be responsible for any loss arising from interruption of service due to hardware or software failure. The content of emails sent on the Talent Search system may be monitored by the Academy to detect abuse of the system.