Chinese Opera

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Chinese Opera

This is a four-year full time study programme. Graduating students will be awarded BFA in Chinese Opera (Cantonese Opera Performance), or BFA in Chinese Opera (Cantonese Opera Music), according to their major study. 

  • Within this programme, while every emphasis is put on strengthening the various aspects that lead to professional excellence, students will also be given a solid and balanced education. Apart from the continuous enhancement of their proficiency in Chinese and English and the use of information technology they will also benefit from liberal arts studies and both general and in-depth academic courses on Chinese music, Chinese opera, theory of western music and the performing arts, and traditional and modern stage management. 
  • The Academy firmly believes that only such a package could prepare them for greeting future challenges ranging from satisfying the ever-increasing sophistication of opera audiences, securing resources and patrons, meeting forces of innovation and development, and introducing the genre to the global arena.