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Admission & Audition (Undergraduate and Post-Secondary)

2023/24 Admission to Undergraduate and Post-Secondary Programmes


The School of Music will consider each applicant’s musical training and performance standard as indicated in his/her application form, and will invite selected candidates to attend a preliminary audition in their chosen discipline. Shortlisted candidates from the preliminary audition will be asked to attend a final audition as well as entrance tests in music theory, aural perception and will be interviewed on their commitment to studying performance or composition and their reasons for choosing the Academy.


The audition panel will look for technical control, musical understanding and expressiveness, general musicianship, creativity and potential for further development. The number of places that can be offered for certain major studies is limited, and may vary from year to year.


For BMus (Hons) Degree applicants, it may be necessary to re-direct the applicants to Diploma in Music Foundations if their standard falls below the entry requirements of BMus (Hons) Degree.


Audition and Selection Requirements

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Entrance Tests in Aural Perception and Music Theory 

For applicants of the BMus (Hons) and Diploma in Music Foundations, candidates shortlisted for the final audition are required to attend entrance tests in aural perception and music theory. The test in aural perception includes questions in intervallic, chordal, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic recognition and dictation, as well as questions regarding the stylistic and formal characteristics of listening excerpts. The test in music theory includes questions in harmonization and score analysis.

Aural Perception Sample Paper
Music Theory Sample Paper